Media Studies

Mission Statement

“To develop professional media skills, and to provide production services for our school, our district, and our community”.  

The Future by Theo Prins
Future by Theo Prins, Advanced Media (2007)

About the Program:

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year

The Media Studies  Program at Port Townsend High School is a component of Career and Technical Education for the Port Townsend School District.  The primary goal of this program is to allow students to explore, develop and expand video, imaging, web design, and audio production skills, in the context of a  real world, project oriented setting.   Besides creating independent projects in the specialties of their choice, students spend time analyzing work in video, film, digital media, and photography by top-level professionals, as well as examining the cultural, legal, and ethical implications of their craft.

The Media program at PTHS provides a link between the world of academics and the world of work.  It is an opportunity to experience, in an occupational setting , professions that are creative and challenging, as well as being satisfying and fun.  Because of the inherently collaborative nature of contemporary media production, it also highlights the importance of leadership, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills in the workplace environment.

Tech Prep

Video Productions, Photography & Web Design classes are currently articulated with Peninsula College. Students completing these classes with a grade of B and above are eligible for 4 quarter credits from Peninsula College. Generally these credits are transferable to all Washington State Community Colleges and most State 4 year Universities. There is no cost for these credits.

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Mark Welch, Instructor


The Classes

Photography ( grades 10-12) full Year class. Syllabus pdf

Basics of silver based and digital photography including history of photography, camera operation,  photographic processing,  print finishing,  digital print manipulation,   Photoshop technique and print analysis.   Fulfills Art or Occupational Education Requirement. College Tech Prep credit may be available through Peninsula College. Students should have access to an adjustable digital camera.    There are a limited number of school cameras available for short-term check out.

Video Production ( grades 10-12) full Year class. Syllabus pdf

Basic course in video production techniques  and skills including: script writing,  pre-production planning,  lighting,  camera operation, editing,  & audio for video.   Students will produce a daily news program for the High School, as well as broadcast school & community events and programming through PTTV facilities.  Students are required to participate in  several after school broadcasts each semester.

Advanced Media, prerequisites,  Successful completion of either Video Production, Photography,   or  by permission of the instructor.   1 Year. See 1st year qualifying class for syllabus

Second year program for Web Design, Photography & Video it is designed for the student who is considering a  media related career post high school.  Emphasis is on developing a professional portfolio in the students chosen field;  video, photography,  electronic imaging or computer animation.   Additionally the course will cover elements of media history and critical analysis of contemporary forms,  business applications and media law and ethics.

Web Design, ( grades 9-12) full Year class. Syllabus pdf

Concept, planning and implementation of websites,  with an emphasis on high quality, and effective design and content development.  Students will work with HTML, XHTML, using text editors, and Adobe Dreamweaver®.  Students will explore basic CSS techniques as well as more traditional web design tools. They will also use Adobe Photoshop and iMovie to prepare media content for the web and utilize those elements on websites they create. Just as importantly, students will look at the "Why?" of website development through analysis of successful websites and Internet based businesses as well as examining the Internet culture, Web 2.0 innovations, and the history of the internet.