Alexander Parkin's Web Design


Greetings. I am Alexander Parkin, and I barely know what I'm doing.

I'm an... "amateur" web designer who only qualifies as a web designer because I'm in a High School class about web design. But I've only been in it for a month, so I still don't even really know what I'm doing.

Don't hire me. I'm definitely not for hire. I don't even think I can legally be hired.

I specialize in not knowing what I'm doing. All my graphic design follows a few basic rules: it doesn't look like I know what I'm doing. Because I don't. I cannot emphasize enough, I am not a professional. See those awful white lines on the sides of the Mac above? That's right. Not a professional.

Home: Awful Showcase

Here is where I'll put the things that showcase my talentlessness, once I have any.

That wasn't a snarky remark about how good I am, I just really don't have anything to put here yet.