Mission Statement

“To develop professional photographic skills, and to provide production services for our school, our district, and our community”.  

The Future by Theo Prins
Mt. Adams aerial from Mt St. Helens, photograph by Mark Welch 2007

Photography 2017-2018

Basic course in photography including history and uses of photography, camera operation,  photographic processing,  print finishing,  digital print manipulation,   Photoshop technique and print analysis.   Fulfills Art or Occupational Education Requirement and has Tech Prep Credit available through Peninsula College. For the best outcome, students should have access to a digital camera.    There are a limited number of school cameras available for short-term check out.

Curriculum for Photography 2017-2018 (pdf)

Schedule & Assignments

Current Assignments September/October 2017:

Faces - 5 images due 9/26/17

Fill the Frame - 4 images due 10/6/17

Photo Restoration - 1 class exercise, 1 restored photo due 10/12/17

Portrait - 1 class retouch exercise, 2 finished portraits due 10/20/17

Shooting for Composition, Using the Rule of Thirds & Lines - 4 images, 2 using each rule 10/27/17