^ This. This is me... I am currently in my classroom, working on something... Most likely my videos.

-Thierry Williamson


Why Hello there, my name is Thierry Williamson. I am a student at Port Townsend High School. For my Web Design class we were tasked with building a website to introduce ourselves to the internet. Although you probably already know me due to my "Highly successful"

and by that I mean you probably just know me... But hey, at least this time my website actually looks "professional" compared to... Last time...

That website was great (at the time) but now this website actually looks very decent. I have come a long way since the start of the year, I have had my ups and my downs, but you aren't here to hear about those times, your here to hear about what I am like and the things I like.


So... This is me... No *laughs* you aren't having a fever dream, thats just me doing my daily thing, scarring the nieghbor hood children. So over the next few web pages, you will learn I like movies, video games, and comic books. I also make movies, video games, and I try to draw comic books... Watch me stumble through life!