Useful Links

Here you will find links to many of the websites we will be using  and referencing in class, as well as some that are posted to help you expand your knowledge and enjoyment of the subject matter.
Chetzemoka Park 1908
A Link to the Past, Chetzemoka Park 100 years ago


Video Production Links

The Video Production Modules at serve as the textbook for this class.  They are concise, and full of up to date information on a broad range of media related issues and subjects.

Short, concise, and valuable advice on directing your film

Another great resource for learning the craft, similar to cybercollege

Home page and support for the best open source screenplay program, Celtx

Thousands of free downloadable, editable public domain film clips, music, audio, and images, plus a great look into the past.


Photography and Digital Media Links

Good basic information, plus advanced tips on Digital Photography

Helpful demo and camera simulator for Depth of Field

There are hundreds of sites offering free Adobe Photoshop® tutorials, here are just a few
Links to tutorials I've enjoyed:

Twenty five great tutorials

Killer Photoshop Tutorials

Look at some great photographs and learn from others in this community of photographers


Web Design Links

An excellent on-line magazine for web designers,

Can't remember the code? Try this HTML cheat sheet

Here’s some helpful Dreamweaver tutorials

W3 Schools is a Great Place to learn HTML

Or from Adobe


 Web Utilities

Web site for easy conversion of PDF files to Word or .doc files

Convert HTML to PDF

Convert just about anything to anything else, including YouTube files to Quicktime, or AIFF to MPEG4

Download files from any site (great for YouTube videos)


Some Other Useful Links

Learn a bit about coding at Hour of Code

Explore the water side of Port Townsend at the Marine Science Center


Health Related

Quit Smoking Community ( Hopefully you don't start )


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Chetzemoka Park in the snow 2007

Chetzemoka Park 2007 Photo by Mark Welch