Hi! This website is still in its infancy, so there isn't really much to do here. Sorry about that! Check back in a month or so, and if I havent added at least one post in the Dev. Log, I probably gave up and/or got bored of this website.


This is the website for Maximus Villagran's web design class! Feel free to look around as you wish. The "About" page shows gives you some context on what exactly this website is, and a little bit more about me personally. The "Projects" page describes the kind of work I do, which really isn't all that impressive. Check the "Contact" page for most ways of reaching me, other than snail mail or visiting me in person.

Dev. Log


Birth of a website! I've finally made my home page, about page, projects, and contacts! I also edited the home page a little, adding some basic description and such. Will post more updates as I keep working on it. Cheers for now!


Wrote some stuff on About, Contact, and Projects. Project is due tomorrow, so I'm a little nervous that I haven't hit all the requirements, but if anything, I'll still be getting more than a zero. Jacoby doesn't really care about the project so he just decided not to do anything about it. He says he doesn't really need to pass highschool to be a drug dealer. Such a shame. Maybe I can make a website to advertise for him /s.